June 21, 2018




Elder Pedersen

Im just a fool who ripped his pants....

Hola amigos

This week has been pretty chill!! Nothing to exciting happens here in the CCM.

We got to go to the temple last week again and it was just as awesome as the first time. we didn't do baptisms this time but i did see pictures of their font in the visitor center and it looks way cool.

It has rained almost everyday this last week. I am not a fan but it has kept the temperature super cool and i enjoy that!

Me and my companion had to teach "real investigators" ( really its just members) that come into the MTC to have missionaries teach them a 15 minutes lesson of the Gospel. Its really fun but super stressful. Latinos speak so fast its almost impossible to understand them.

On Sunday we had a class in the auditorium where we have devos and it rained so hard that if flooded half the room. I didnt really care because is to busy being annoyed about ripping my pants. We were watching the Restoration Movie and I went to sit up in the chair and my pocket caught on the arm rest and made a nice hole on the side of my suit pants. One of our zone leaders says he knows how to sew well. Im just glad that Janice gave me that cool little kit before I left. I just didnt think I would be using it this soon.

Thats really all that happened this week. Sorry thats its not exciting here.

Hasta Lasagna. Dont get any on ya!


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