June 8, 2018




Elder Pedersen

To Whom It May Concern

Hola everyone!

How was your week of watching movies, listening to music and eating In n Out with out me? I hope it wasn't as fun as it was here in Mexico!
Last Thursday we got to go to the Mexico City Temple and it was sooo cool! I had to listen to a translation of the session from Spanish to English because i still know very little Spanish... The Temple is super beautiful and its one of like 10 Temples that have the Angel Moroni holding a set of scriptures on the top. That's pretty neat!
We had a ton of devotionals this last week too. My favorite one was the "Be One" devotional. The talent and stories that were shared was incredible! (also did anyone else notice how talented the Bonner family is?!?!)
We get to have Elder Renlund speak to us tonight at yet another devotional. If its recorded look for me! (hopefully I dont fall asleep like a goon).

The food here has be pretty much the same as last time but no major improvements. I still do not like the pizza here at all. We get 3 meals a day and its pretty much all you can it! Lunch and dinner are usually the best but breakfast is never breakfast. Its always something like a tostada or bread with beans, meat, salsa and lettuce. Yesterdays breakfast was tamales...

Nothing else has really changed and there is nothing really exciting to do other than play volleyball and try to speak Spanish. If any one wants to rub in my face how much fun they are having i am all ears! (really eyes though because i would have to read about it)

I did find out there the CCM can send care packages to us here through some website thats hooked up with Costco. ( i saw some one with cinnabon the other day so i expect to see some in my mail box this week :P)

Any way thats it for this week! I left my journal in my room so i forgot what happened throughout the week.

Until next time!!

Elder Lemmon

PS here are some pictures. the last one is pretty cool. Uncle Eddy told me he went to school here as a kid and i saw SOSA written in concrete and was wondering if he or any of his family members did it. Half of the side walks have names written in them but its just cool possibly being related to one of those names.


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