November 16, 2020


Rogers, Arkansas


Elder Lindsey

Part 2 week 22-Holiday transfer

We received transfer calls this week and I will remain as the workforce with a new companion while my friend Elder Young is headed back to Missouri. The cool thing is this transfer runs till January 1st so all the best time of year will be with the group and am with now.

This upcoming week looks to be really busy with a very sad note of driving many of my good friends and respected colleagues to the airport Friday morning. If anyone is wondering goodbyes are still the worst especially when you know it is forever. We will have fun while we can.

This past week was a quick one. We spent a lot of time on the usual projects and trying to prepare for possible incoming issues that my arrive with the cold weather and maybe more lock-downs. It's dreaded across the board that's for sure. We were able to witness 2 baptisms this past weekend. They were in the Spanish branch but still very fun to attend and feel the spirit. Also had some great food and ate myself sick at least twice this week.

Spiritual thought falls to the idea of service and why it's something God encourages. Well guys service is meant to build up others and that doesn't mean you should be trying to find recognition or anything. A big pet peeve for me is when people go do great things for people in hard times but make it transactional with the price of a picture. (How unimportant would you feel) yes this depends on the situation but I've seen the joy and happiness drain from people eyes as a picture is forced upon them. Don't lose sight of how Christ acted in secret so stop looking for public gratification.

Elder Hineman


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