November 3, 2020


Rogers, Arkansas


Elder Lindsey

Part 2 Week 20-November

Well folks it's a but odd these days having realized I'm repeating holidays in the mission which means it's the last time. Kinda blows my mind somehow.

This week we have been blessed with cold weather to the point of frost on our windows one morning. Some of you may be confused why I say blessed but personally I love the winter and having been on an endless summer I am very excited for what's coming. We had lots of opportunities to serve, one being an older disabled lady that was just a sweetheart and we cleaned out her barn and helped plant a bunch of things for her. We also spent over 12 hours just driving the mission to do things for missionaries. Lots of fun though that much time in a car drains your energy sometimes.

We had the opportunity to discuss religion which a catholic man this week which was interesting and we were able to find common ground and differences. Took me back to Colombia a bit but we didn't get to bashing this time to is was much more peaceful. Also had to opportunity to teach district council which had a great topic about scriptures and there importance. Led to some very powerful discussion and learning. Me being one of the oldest members of the district was a new perspective for sure. That Wednesday was also the first day since March I spent it all in a white shirt and tie.

Sunday Night we got to participate in a YSA devotional with Elder and Sister Bednar that was very uplifting and insightful. In his classic mannerism he got fired up on a number of topics.

Well folks spiritual thought,

Take time to study the scriptures it really does change your day to day and you long term life. Have questions, search for answers and then live the principles you find. It sounds simple, maybe kinda hard but it definitely worth it.

Elder Hineman


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