September 28, 2020


Rogers, Arkansas


Elder Lindsey

Part 2 Week 14- Reassignment

Hey all we had a good week with lots of hard work. We pretty much finished the house which feels good. We also donated over 45 bikes and fixed up another 9 this week. Overall we have been pretty busy week. Had some very good lessons with members and just spent quality time with them so we can know them before church starts back up October 11. Speaking of General Conference is this upcoming Saturday and Sunday so don't miss out. The mission has begun sending missionaries to the temple for endowments and we have not been to successfully in wiggle our way into being the chauffeurs but we aren't giving up. I have been teaching Spanish which is quite enjoyable and the bike shop we are partnered with has been really fun to learn more about bikes and help teach other missionaries as well.

I wanted to touch base on how many missionaries have felt with the reassignment. Being said not all missionaries feel this way but many I have spoken with have struggled with or are struggling with their reassignment. To be said many missionaries from online MTC and just the newer ones in general are unbelievable strong willed and adjusting much faster. Overall it has been very hard and many of us regretted being reassigned very early on with a number returning home shortly after. Being in a new mission takes much of the commitment out of it. The love and connection that I feel for Colombia has not switch to Arkansas but being here just feels like we are out of place a bit. It's no excuse to not work and our hearts should change but it's hard and then added covid restrictions have made it all the harder for us. Then with divisions between missionaries and other normal problems has made any adjustment difficult. We would all like going back to knocking 60 doors a day in a different language. Side note English is the worst.

Anyways this isn't meant to be a complaint just a little look into the life of everything that is happening.

Spiritual thought. Laman and Lemuel were never happy because happiness was always somewhere else. "If we were back in Jerusalem, if our father was dead, if our brother was dead, etc.... then we would be happy." We always say we would never be like that but how wrong are we for many of us always blame our unhappiness or anger on circumstances, or we act like Laman and Lemuel. "If I was 18, if i was married, if I was retired, etc... then I would be happy." So let's all try to be like Nephi who despite his own faults was always grateful and happy to be where he was even if it was in the wilderness with only raw meat for food.

Elder Hineman


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