August 31, 2020


Rogers, Arkansas


Elder Lindsey

Part 2 week 11- Drives

This week was kinda sad because yet again we say goodbye to everyone we just met but apart from that we stayed very busy doing more yard work and taking care of other small things to prepare the area for the next guys. Everyone in the house complex begged me to cook something so on the last night I made Caprese flatbreads for everyone. They definitely taste better than they look but based on what I had in the kitchen I'm not complaining to much. Transfer day I spent most of it driving. In totally it was about 6 hours in a car just moving cars and missionaries to their new areas. I did get to drive a brand new rav4 which had about 15 miles on it when I started. With that I was moved to another ward with a special assignment of doing service so we spend a lot of time helping with house remodeling and all sorts of service but also help the mission with things. Specifically due to so many missionaries a lot of our work has been moving beds and furniture to apartments. We ended up taking another 5 hour drive to deliver beds on Saturday. We do get a truck and trailer which takes me back and is fun. We are also in charge of fixing up around 50 bikes so we can keep around 20 and donate the other 30 to charity which is fun and I'm enjoying so far.

Doubts? - what if our doubts or confusion are based on misconceptions we have about small things? We may never get the answer we are looking for if we expect one and we are asking the wrong question. Spend sometime to make sure your question snare helping you grow because questions are fundamental in Christs Church.

Elder Hineman


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