August 25, 2020


Rogers, Arkansas


Elder Coleman

Part 2 week 10- Service hours

So this last week was very busy which felt good compared to most of our other weeks. We did over 30 hours of service a piece and really went to town, building shelves, organizing, cleaning random things, and mowing down a meadow with a machete because people don't maintain their lawns. Quick pointer it's a lot easier to maintain than to fix a yard. I found that my boots and Jean's have been a big help when swing a machete that way I don't take off my foot or anything. We also received transfer calls and I am yet again moving but this time it's not to far. I will be in the same zone but with a special service assignment to just go ham on any project. Should be a fun time and hopefully I can use and learn a lot more skills during my time here. The only other thing we did this week was have a training meeting all day Tuesday. It was a pretty decent meeting but so long and unbearable.

So in terms of commandments you can keep most but selective disobedience is just as bad as openly disobedience. A sin is a sin whether you did it on purpose or not or whether you accept or try and justify it. It's easier to accept it and try and repent and do better so try not to live in a lie.

Elder Hineman


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