August 10, 2020


Rogers, Arkansas


Elder Coleman

Part 2- Week 8 The Return

So this week we had a lot of quiet time. Or in other words the other 2 Elders were off in Missouri for a few days so we had a lot more space and just not freaking out crazy, running around stuff all the time. We did get to cook some food for the food bank here which is always fun since I get to mess around with another chef.

Got to know so more members and other Elders from different service projects. The biggest and most fun by far was the car wash. Due to rain we didn't actually get to wash a ton of cars but the 20 or so we did were fine and just being able to play around with the water and talking with all the different missionaries, members and community members. I also really enjoyed the rain and playing in the puddles and what not.

We also got to taste of some fantastic Mexican food. A special treat of being here in Roger's. One of our favorite families down here made us authentic quesadillas for dinner that were to die for and we almost ate them till we puked.

Food for thought:
We should all take the time to think about what's holding us back from moving on and trusting the lord. He has promised us more blessings and we just need to accept that what's coming is better than what we left behind. Don't be like Lot's wife. (Props to those that remember that story)

Elder Hineman


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