July 29, 2020


Rogers, Arkansas


Elder Coleman

Part 2 week 8- Diets and Oreos

This week our house tried working out and eating smart to see if as a household we can all lose weight and make it down to 800 lbs collectively. It went fairly well minus whatever sweets members gave us and crazy timing when we had to buy fast food. It's been fun and we picked up a new running trail around a lake that is quite painful for us larger gentlemen. Our goals also reached an all time high when the corn-hole set Elder Knowles wanted showed up so we spent the extra hours to do some practice for his match against President and Sister Strong. We spent a lot of time on Facebook/phone calls trying to reach new people and a bit with some members. A fun part was acting like professional directors to make a video for Facebook. That being said we are looking for someone kind enough to edit this video for us. We don't want to batch everything up but if anyone has some free time we would greatly appreciate it. We cooked lots of chicken and ate lots of salads for dinner and lunches. However that being said we had the grand idea of seeing if each of us can eat 40 oreos and who can do it the fastest so we now have 4 double stuffed family size packages of Oreos in the house.

Never stop praying because he is listening and waiting for you. Yell if you need to but he will always love and show you the answers of everything. In time

Love you,
Elder Hineman


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