July 20, 2020


Rogers, Arkansas


Elder Coleman

Part 2- Week 7- Rogers Ar-Kansas

This week we had transfers and I was sent down from Missouri to Arkansas for what looks like will be awhile. It took only 2 hours in a van to get here which in comparison to 13 in a bus while I was in Colombia is amazing. Here I live with obviously the best house in the mission. You can tell because I'm the shortest and collectively our house weighs over 900 pounds. The tallest Elder in our house is 6'8 and great at basketball which has enabled a weight lose program since we go play ball every morning. My companion Elder Coleman was serving in El Salvador before also being reassigned here which leads to way to many moments of utter confusions. We managed to get our rental car towed on Saturday and have yet to get it back. Given I don't miss it since driving a Nissan kicks is slower than a golf cart. Elder Coleman is amazing however and as he is slowly opening up he is a legend and our house is insanely fun. I'm also here with Elder Knowles who served with me while I was down in Colombia and it's a blast to be together.

We spent a lot of time passing out free service fliers and shockingly no one seems to be interested which is odd.

Hey everyone y'all should read the book of Ether in the Book of Mormon -by far some of the best verses in the book.

Love y'all
Elder Hineman


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