June 26, 2020


Springfield, MO


Elder Zeyer

Part 2 week 3-The mission life

This was a long week. I'd call it the first normal week of my time here because we knew what we were doing and how to do it for the most part. We got to see a lot of really cuddly, dog like goats that eventually gave birth and were the most adorable little things. We also spent some time learning about our family history and where we came from throughout the world. The best part by far has been the ability to sit and talk with members in the ward and get to know people. It's so weird not spending every minute of every day with others. We had some fun service opportunity with one guy that really disliked us and said he would of killed us if it was legal like back in the day but after the first 5 minutes we were able to talk to him and he really calmed down and instead of getting in any sort of a fight we were able to sit down and really help him come to an understanding of God and why certain things have happened in his life. It was amazing.

We had zone conference which I managed to miss the pictures for but Elder Buck happily drew me in. Very fun group and we have very pointed arguments over who has the best ice cream/frozen custard out here. (I do not have a popular opinion)

Spiritual thought.
Don't think you are in the 4th quarter of repentance when you are really in the 1st. It's something my president explained to us while we were in zone conference. Don't get so beat down and worried about how hard it is to change your heart and mind. It's a trick but if you keep going it'll happen before you even know what's going on. It's how our Saviors atonement works. It's always there but we just have to let it take control of the pain.

Elder Hineman


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