June 8, 2020


Springfield, MO


Elder Zeyer

Part 2 week 1

Hey everyone I made it. I have flown from DC to Fayetteville Arkansas. I was able to get into contact with the mission home after a bit of waiting so I could get picked up. Sadly I found out after my pickup that my companion Elder Zeyer missed his flight and we would have to come back to get him the next day. So we drove 2 hours up to Springfield Missouri where we will be working and than in the morning, after sleeping on a couch, we drove back to Bentonville Arkansas to pick up my companion and a car for us. So that time around I was actually driving our Chevy Malibu the 2 hours home. So here in Springfield we have been assigned to really expand the work in the Stake. We have been put over One family ward, a Young Single Adult ward looking to maybe start another and to open the Spanish work. My companion is from Idaho and was serving in Chile for 7 months before being sent home.

We have both no idea what we are doing since now we have phones and a car and other things but it's a lot of online work and interesting to see the difference

Spiritual thought: Power of a Calling

I feel that my release and setting apart has fully opened my eyes to the blessings that come with it. Having hands placed upon your head and a blessing is something very important. The energy I have is one. Being able to wake at 6:30 is almost a miracle because it isn't hard out here but having tried it during my time at home showed just how hard that can be without the Lord's help. I don't know how to describe every little thing but I know that the Lord has his hands in our lives actively and especially with his missionaries.

With love,
Elder Hineman


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