March 16, 2020


Prado, Medellin, Colombia


Elder Lopez

Week 36-¿Vamos a Morir?

Well everyone how's life treating you? I hear you are all getting an early vacation from everything. It's nice to see that life can't go on without me in Virginia. I am interested to see that some of my dear friends have now had the chance to travel the world jumping from country to country, mission to mission, and house to house as the virus chases them around the world. I am praying and hoping that everyone can and is safe wherever it is they are in the world.

Here in Colombia is well normal. There are a couple of cases here in Medellin but nothing to concerning still. We are working as normal and everything it has yet to really affect our day to day life. We are taking precautions to keep us safe but no worries.

We had a lot of powerful and spiritual moments this week in our many lessons. We had a great opportunity to explain the plan of salvation to a mom who lost her son to cancer a couple of years ago. The best part is all we did was confirm her thoughts and hopes and in the end she told us it was all she ever wanted and cried and we promised her that she would be able to see her son again. Very spiritually strong moment.

My spiritually thought is more of a grateful thought -
Just want to express how grateful I am to have prophets and apostles in the world.
These servants of God have been preparing us for almost 2 years for difficult time and one when we cant see why they have postponed church all we need to do is trust that it is god guiding their hands and actions. I know with every fiber of my body that they are god's servants called and set apart for these times and no one can make better decisions for these times then him.

Elder Hineman


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