March 2, 2020


Prado, Medellin, Colombia


Elder Lopez

Week 34-Rough Week

Anyways well we had a pretty good week.... well not really I ended up going to the hospital on Tuesday morning because I managed to put a hole in my ear drum. I can say now that is one of the most painful things ever and don't recommend it for anything. So with that I had to spend about a week in the house and the other half walking around dizzy trying to make it from house to house. To be frank it's really hard to work with a blown eardrum and the balance lose and what not. On the Spanish side when you can't hear you can't speak very well either.

Spiritual thought:
Well this week I had a lot of time to listen well half listen to talks from our latter-day Prophet and Apostles and wow have they been prepared from the very beginning to be God's representatives in the world right now. Their talks are divine and very spiritual if we just take the time to listen and accept their guidance (or really Gods). It really is amazing the knowledge and wisdom they have and so willing give. I invite you all to look into the talks that they have given and learn from their words but also to look into how God has prepared them to help us. We also have a lovely chance to listen to them the first weekend in April which President Nelson has promised to be a very powerful moment and we should all prepare to receive the revelation God will give each one of us that day.

Elder Hineman


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