February 25, 2019


Prado, Medellin, Colombia


Elder Lopez

Week 33- Experiencias Espiritual

Well this week was kind of a long week but we had a lot of fun and a ton of very powerful moments at almost all points of the week. It's just crazy that all of these different moments with different places and everything it's wild how much the Lord loves everyone and I can feel just a sliver of that love for these people.

A couple of moments;

I got to listen to President Oaks and his wife speak about the new youth program and could just feel how it is being led by the spirit and is to help each and every person grow closer to our Savior and prepare for all the challenges ahead in life.

We got to be a part of Hermana Nicole's baptism this week and young lady that we have had the privilege to teach and watch her grow so much in her faith in Jesus Christ. She has become a light to all of her friends and family who have begun to follow her example to focus their lives a little more on Christ. It's amazing to see how God brings everyone to where they need to be at the right time.

to be frank, this is the time. Just like God prepared Joseph Smith to be the prophet of the restoration he is preparing each and every one of us to receive, preach, share, love or whatever else he needs when it comes his gospel. Everything that happens in these last days have been prophesied and it's perfect. We still have our freedom to choose our paths and our lives. Just follow God find the truth and hold strong. I can't even express my feelings and hopes about this gospel but if your missing anything reach out now.

Elder Hineman


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