February 10, 2020


Prado, Medellin, Colombia


Elder Lopez

Week 31-Still moving

Well we are still having a lot of fun crawling up mountains and knocking doors all day every day. We had a couple cool moments just testifying to people about the gospel or really just Christ in general. I did get clipped by a car and a bus this week. I managed to turn enough that it only hit my backpack. It was a pretty fun experience so that was great. We didn't spend to much time in houses so we got a lot of time to walk around the streets and get to know people. The mission astinats and Hna. Cebellos visited the house and we know that we have the cleanest house in the zone which is really surprising since we don't think it's clean at all.

We ran into some people from the states and one of them which is a pretty cool guy well he offered us a job on our free time because he needs some people that can speak Spanish and English to run his hotel or something. A little tempting but we can't really get around to it.

Well we have good news. If your washing machine doesn't work you can just reach out to some guy and he will come to your house with a machine strapped to the back of his motorcycle and then walk three flights of stairs and attach it for you. Then come back in 3 hours to get it back. Pretty dope to be honest and works well.

Spiritual thought:
Just go to work and serve your fellow man. Service through love will take care of a lot more than constant preaching or anything else. If you can just touch their hearts with one act it will leave a longer influence than anything else.

Elder Hineman


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