December 16, 2019


Mocari, Monteria Colombia


Elder NoramBuena

Week 23-Christmas Lights

"I'll be home for Christmas, you can plan on me. Please have snow...."
I heard that song with my comp the other day and it was pretty funny cause it doesn't apply to us at all. We have been trying to make a different version of the song that actually applies to us and being here in the mission for Christmas. It's really cool being here with all the Christmas decorations and what not that the city has been putting up. We might not have snow but our lights are better than anything in the states. We also have been having daily activities with members here and it's so fun and always feels like being at home cause everyone is so loving. The one thing I really miss this time of year is snow and cold in general. We had one day that was like 80 not humid and a breeze and I was on the verge of being cold which was a really weird experience. Reminded me of fall and football. We have found that if we just don't ask what some of the foods are we can usually eat it a lot easier than if we know. Mondongo soup (I think that is the name) is interesting. It's not always bad but it can be really bad if your not careful so it's always a scary time when we see it coming. Other than that the food is pretty much great. My comp and I cook and it's generally about the same thing every time but it's usually good. I really love plantains and the fruit here is to die for. A couple of days this week every person we talked to gave us juice from one fruit or another and those are the days of bliss or rainbows and sunshine. We have been walking miles and miles these weeks and it feels so much easier that my first weeks but my shoes are not surviving as expected.

So y'all I've been out here for over 5 months and I can say it is going really fast. I've had two companions and never left the Mocari area which is super cool. I'll have Christmas and my birthday this transfer with my Colombian family. Sadly with transfers this week some of my zone left and it was actually sad cause they meant a lot to me and I hate goodbyes. Especially because some of them went home to Ecuador. Other than all that I've been having a really good time here at the coast and we have been busy.

Spiritual thought:
I have been reading a lot about when Jesus Christ visited the Americas. What Jesus Christ visited the Americas? I'm thinking of a good portion of you didn't know that. I testify that now is the time to learn about him and his time here with the people of America. This is all found in the Book of Mormon and testimony of Jesus Christ more powerful and convincing than anything else in the world.This time of Christmas is so important and it's the perfect time to sit down and read a book about Christ. If anyone want to learn or know why I am here in Colombia or just more about Christ it is found in that book. If anyone wants one go ahead to reach out and talk with any member of the Church, my family in Virginia or the young guys walking around in white shirts and ties.

Elder Hineman


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