December 11, 2019


Mocari, Monteria Colombia


Elder NoramBuena

Week 21 & 22 Free Falling

Well sorry everyone, I haven't really gotten a group email out the last couple of weeks but this one is also going to be short. We had a great Thanksgiving feast. I did some of the cooking and making everything work. We also had a district activity were we went paint-balling and they had lots of animals to see. I got to hold my first parrot. We had Christmas on the 9th and now it's back to work as normal. The party was fun and we got to spend all of time with missionaries from other parts of the mission. There is a lot of protesting down here in South America including in Colombia but nothing crazy and really only in Bogota. As far as Monteria is concerned nothing is happening. Everyone we are teaching and finding right now are headed on vacation for the next month or so and we won't be able to talk for them for awhile so that's fun. We spend all of time with families sharing messages about Christ's birth right now which is really cool and I love the new video that the church has put out for light the world. Other than that we had a trace of hot and extremely hot down here so that's been real fun. I heard it's supposed to be real bad in January. We have transfers this Saturday so I'm not sure if you'll hear from me next week.

Spiritual thought:
Simple this week. Think of the wise men and how humble they were to travel really far and give gifts that were super precious to a child based on their faith. My invitation right now is to make that a part of your life this Christmas. Let go of your pride and wants and go serve and help people but most of all make time for Christ. Put your phone away and study the scriptures or something and come to understand Christ and his gospel a little better. The past is the past you can't change it but you can repent and make an effort now to reunite with family and friends of old in and love for Christ and his life.

Elder Hineman


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