November 25, 2019


Mocari, Monteria Colombia


Elder NoramBuena

Week 19 & 20- Wow

We ran a really long week of really hard work but the week went by super fast and the days even faster. We saw a sloth which blew my mind because I didn't know that they lived wild here at the coast. We were knocking a door and waiting and my Companion Elder Norambuena looked up and there was a sloth chilling their look at us. My comp is kind of chubby so when we walked 5 miles to another town as fast as we cold he about died from the heat and everything. He has been down in Manizales for his whole mission and it's relatively cold there so the difference has been rough for him. We have rearranged the whole house and started planning totally different and the days go so much faster with this change. Its funny that the harder we work every day the faster the actual days goes.

We have been so tired the last week but its all good. We ran home twice this week to make our 9:30 pm curfew and it was made difficult because one of the lessons was really far away. We had a great lunch on Wednesday it was some soup but it was a little hard to eat what I believe in translation and explanation was cow stomach meat. I didn't hate it but getting around the thought and the texture was kind of difficult.

Spiritual thought
hey it's really funny because at the end of the day after we teach and talk with people none of it matters. If they really want to know or if we really want to know there is only one way. It doesn't matter if I give an inspirational speech and pour out my heart they have to want to have the desire and seek out God's will and God's direction. So pray, just pray you have to. It's the only way.

Elder Hineman


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