November 8, 2019


Mocari, Monteria Colombia


Elder Torres

Week 17- 4 months

We had a decent week. I can't say anything crazy happened or at least I didn't notice it all but it was a fun week. I think I missed the crazy stuff because we had to go home early on Halloween and party in the house or rather read scriptures and cook burgers. They were good not perfect but good.

We had some crazy rain storms and the roads were flooding out so we had to detour a lot to get around to our lessons. In a lot of the intersections the water was like knee height it was fun. Also really hard to talk when it rains that hard. It's fun to walk around here now because literally all of Mocari knows who we are and everyone says hi and what not. We did run into a drunk guy twice in the same day and got the rundown of who is God to you? who is Jehovah? and stuff like that. He never answered any of our questions just looked at us really disappointed the whole time.

Spiritual thought:

This week I learned a lot about pride and really how even small acts like not kneeling to pray is pride because really it is us putting ourselves or our physical well being, whether we feel tired or something else above the Lord. Obviously in some cases people can't kneel but really it shows our faith and commitment to the Lord when even in the small ways we humble ourselves.

Elder Hineman


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