October 28, 2019


Mocari, Monteria Colombia


Elder Torres

Week 16-One more day, one less day

Hola mi amigos y familia de toda el mundo.

We had a pretty good week. Everyday went pretty fast and the week flew by. We walked a ton and to put it in perspective we walked like 12 or more miles on Saturday. It was so wild and we were in a really cool back road in the middle of some farm lands and stuff. It was super hot but pretty and I enjoyed it. We had exchanges with the zone leaders who are 2 really great guys that I learn a lot from each and every day. We had more panzerotti and it was so good I love it. I need to learn how to make it because I don't know if I'll survive life without it. What else do I love.... just about everything. The hard parts or things to get over is the rice. Rice goes with everything. We get rice for every meal if we eat with people. Rice with milk is an interesting one. I don't hate or love it. Rice juice for a lack of a better name is a little harder to get my mind around but it's growing on me. I am starting to really enjoy everything that I am doing mainly because I can finally really understand and talk to people. Everyone is super cool and nice here. They just tell me to relax and be more Colombian more of the time. It's really fun.

Spiritual thought:
This is focused on probably the most important part of each and every week. The atonement of Christ and more fully the sacrament that we need to take in our lives. I can not go week to week without the atonement in my life and the healing power that I receive. This mission or rather this life is so hard and mistakes are 100% going to happen. We have to have the blessing of repentance in our lives each and every day. I can not express how important it is in my life and how much it changes my life.

Elder Hineman


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