October 14, 2019


Mocari, Monteria Colombia


Elder Torres

Week 14- Fun through work

So it was a good week. The weeks are really starting to merge together and time is flying by. We had a lot of meetings this week and they were fun. Had some tacos for the first time cause those are not very big down here but man were they amazing. It's funny the things you miss when you are out here. I didn't swim a ton but I am just craving that and I really don't know why besides the fact it's super hot here. We played some soccer this week which was great but I''m so out of practice its not even funny. This also led to some great sunburns which I will be enjoying the next couple days for all of those wondering. We are starting to get to the dryer and hotter part of the year I''m pretty sure so its not getting any more friendly down here. We ran around and worked even harder this week and the funny thing is I was both less tired and more happy. Talk about blessing or knowing your doing what your suppose to. We had a lot of meetings this week almost one everyday so we traveled a ton. but it's all good we just really have to budget money when we travel constantly. Hey speaking of budgeting who made this so difficult. I do it but you really got to watch everything you buy at every moment of the day. I always remember how young I am and how much I have to grow and then blow my mind to think I've been here for 3 months already and only have less than 21 months left. It's going so fast. I'll be 20 by the time I get back to the states. Blows my mind.

Anyway I'm really not sure what everyone wants to hear about because things are starting to become pretty normal for me so if anyone have any ideas or questions reach out and I can explain that part of life in Colombia.

The important part.
Read and study and don't care how many times you go to a church or listen to a preacher you are not following Christ if you do not read and ponder and pray or in other words progress spiritually on your own. What happens when that person or church isn't available anymore or something. You can't have a testimony if you are not diligently working to grow that testimony each and everyday.

Elder Hineman


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