October 3, 2019


Mocari, Monteria Colombia


Elder Torres

Week 12-Desafios

So it's been a good week a little hard here and there but nothing abnormal. They have this TV show called Desafios down here and it's pretty popular. Like no one will talk to us when it's on and it looks pretty cool from what I've seen (not that I understand the lack of clothing) but they divided Cololmbia up into regions and the finals were last Monday with the Coastal vs Amazons, and guess who won. The Coast and we know this because the whole neighborhood started screaming at about 8:55 pm Monday night while we were walking around. It was really funny and it kind of scared my comp and I. They also did a little tour of the coast yesterday and we saw some pictures and everyone was there to see them. It was really cool. We had transfers this week but nothing changed for me I'll be here in Mocari for another 6 weeks which is awesome because I'm just starting to be able to understand and bond with the people. more than just the smile and nod like I've had for the last 6 weeks .

I had some tuna this week which I like in the states but it was like really sour and kind of threw me off. I can't say I was really a fan of that. Otherwise the food I have is pretty great and some days we get a lot it's hard to eat it all. It's actually pretty cheap to go out a buy meals here. We can buy a whole lunch with beans, rice, salad, meat, a drink and a soup for about 2 bucks. It's good because we have found we don't really have a lot of time to cook and to be honest I wouldn't even know where to start down here. My 2 years of culinary classes are not doing me any favors. We did make a ton of Corozo juice which is really good and should be featured in the pictures. It was for and activity where we handed it out for free. Really cool activity, we had some box costumes as well.

Spiritual thought or rather invitation this week.

La iglesia de Jesucristo de los santos de los últimos días is having general conference this week Saturday and Sunday and I couldn't be more excited. I invite everyone member or not to tune in and listen to a prophet and the Apostles for a couple hours and really take their guidance as dirección por nosotros. Por Favor. act on the the things you learn or it is all for naught. Faith without actions is dead and there is nothing more true than that.

Elder Hineman


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