September 9, 2019


Mocari, Monteria Colombia


Elder Torres

Week 9-Honk honk

Its been another week and like the last one it went just a little faster. We had a multi-zone conference with Presidente which was cool and then to our surprise and a little bit of a heart attack Presidente called and said he would be to our house in 30 minutes and we should meet him there and that he would be joining us in our evening teaching and tracking session. That was quite the nervous change of events that evening but it was a little fun and less stressful than we thought. We didn't eat anything crazy this weeks sadly but they like to try and convince me we are eating iguana all the time. So to explain the name of the email it comes down to that being the one sound I hear 24/7. It means a list of things I am still tying to figure them all out, but to try and explain it a honk means everything or rather whatever the person that honks wants it to mean, usually it's: do you want a ride, your in my way, I'm going, hello, look at me, go the light turned, seriously do you need a ride, get on my moto, I want you to pay me, you will take my services, I'm annoyed with you, I'm outside, I have your food, etc. in other words its like a horn every 30 seconds. A little bit annoying at first but I am slowly not noticing it so much. The one thing that I am very happy to notify all my culinary friends about was my success in the pancake world here in Colombia and will officially announce my retirement from the pancake making business because I do not dare mess that up.

To calm all the feelings and worries of my safety. It is totally safe for us. We never feel in danger or have been threatened or anything. The most we get is offered beer because that's like free here or something I'm not sure. I know every day is a party day but Monday and Tuesday and its almost weird walking around when its so quite on those days. We walked past some guys who offered us beer per usual at like 8 am in the morning and they were already wasted on Sunday.

Spiritual thought or the most important part.
It's really funny and clear here how I have been prepared through my life to be here and participating in the mission work. I kind of hinted at it 2 weeks ago but one thing that really stood out to me this week was in a lesson with a young man in the ward he had a lot of questions about Joseph Smith and his life. For those of you who don't know I love Joseph Smith and the stories of the first Latter Day Saints. I have spent a lot of time studying his life and the stories of Nauvoo, Kirkland, and Palmyra and was fully prepared to answer his questions. I know that Joseph Smith was a Prophet of God and he restored the fullness of the Gospel for us in these days. I know that God prepares us for all things in our lives and that through Jesus Christ we are all redeemed. I find strength in my faith and that through my trials I can help others all around me all the time whether I can speak their language or not.

Elder Hineman


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