September 2, 2019


Mocari, Monteria Colombia


Elder Torres

Week 8-Another week gone by

Was a real quick week to be honest. A lot of contacting because all of our planned lessons fell through. Everyone parties here a lot especially on Sundays and Saturdays. They also all have really loud speakers that they just put on their porch and turn on for everyone in the neighborhood to listen to but then everyone does it so it's a lot of music and really hard to talk with people. (especially when you can barely speak the language) Don't get me wrong though it's a lot of fun and I enjoy it. The music is actually pretty good some times though usually chompeta (not sure how to spell it) really only popular here at the coast apparently. We eat a ton of plantains and don't get me wrong I like them most of the time but sometimes a plate full is to much. We had fish this week or really just the head which was interesting. I didn't eat the eyes though. sorry to disappoint.

It's crazy how fast all the Weird things here feel normal. The whole country minus some parties seems to go to bed a lot earlier here to. like 8 and everyone is headed to bed or in bed it seems. Rain delays are like snow delays back home, which is shocking because it rains a good amount. They moved sacrament back an hour because of rain and the whole city was really slow moving around. The zone leaders even said they had people say they can't make it because its raining. really weird and a little frustrating. Then again some paved streets in the city don't really drain at all so I guess it makes sense.

Hey guys I have one thing to say. Yo se que el Libro De Mormón es verdadero. It's blessing my life 24 7 and my best Spanish is the days I read out loud with my companion for practice. It gives me guidance and comfort for all my questions and hope in all things. It's has been the best tool in my life and an important consent. I love the book of Mormon and invite all that haven't yet read and pray to see if it is true.

Elder Hineman


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