August 15, 2019


Bogata MTC/CCM


Elder Wolfley

Week 5- The Final CCM Stretch

The final hours.... well not really I still have a couple of days but its coming really fast. I'll leave early Tuesday morning at about like 3 or 4 am and pretty much be traveling that entire day depending on where I'm going. If I leave for the coast its like 15 hour bus ride I have heard. The joke about my mission is it's a 6 month mission as the Elder we went out proselyting with told us because apparently the elders are to distracted by the women or something. It's wild. We got to go out last Saturday to Bogota North mission and went out with Elder Peterson and got to go up to the San Louis area which was up on a mountain that over looked the whole city which was super cool. The roads and trails are super steep so we got quite the workout walking around. There are a lot of dogs on the way but they are super healthy and only a few are aggressive. We knocked a ton of doors and tried to teach lessons but no one really answered except for on young man maybe a little older then me in this little room with pretty much just a bed and a little tv and had the chance to read the Book of Mormon with him and bear our testimonies which was about our closest experience we had to actually teaching.

The language is coming but it definitely takes a lot of faith and patience. We work at it and try to not speak any English through the week but its super hard. I can understand a lot more then I can speak but a lot of people do speak fast so I can't even do it half the time.

I really recommend that you all read and ponder the Book of Mormon I cant explain how much it means to me and the guidance that it gives me in life and every day it is fun and interesting every time I open them and every verse helps me. I testify that it is the word of God and has the full gospel within its pages and that faithful and earnest study can help us through any challenges.

Sending love,
Elder Hineman


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