August 8, 2019


Bogata MTC/CCM


Elder Wolfley

Week 4- Time.....

Well I'm about 5 weeks in with this email and it definitely is feeling like we are stuck in time. We have almost the exact same schedule every day and we don't really get to get out of the CCM compound except for p-days and we only really took advantage of that today when we decided to go to the mall and walk around the city today. We eat rice with every lunch and dinner almost every day and its getting pretty brutal. We finally got a chance to go to the mall today and that was nice just to walk around the city and stuff. It's been extra long and painful since we got our p-day moved and haven't had a break since that last Tuesday and its just been long. It's wild I've been here for pretty much a month now. The language is coming but not super fast. It's pretty great and we are all dying to get out into the mission field. We get to go to the Bogota North mission on Saturday to go proselyting which is fantastic.

Thanks so much to all of those that have sent emails and reached out to me.

Spiritual thought
Well Sundays our fantastic and we get to listen to a lot of devotionals and stuff which are great. We listened to one by Elder Bednar who talked about just stop worrying about whether you are feeling the spirit or receiving revelation because as long as you are being a good boy or good girl the spirit will guide your lips and your steps to lead you to the place and people that you need to meet. So just focus on being that good boy or good girl and taking care of the things that we should and the spirit will guide us. its a very powerful message and we all really took it to heart.

Reach out if you have any questions for me

Elder Hineman


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