December 2, 2019


Mpumalanga South Africa


Elder Rangwanasha

another week down

Helllloooooooo my family!!!! This week has been interesting!!

After I emailed home last tuesday, we had three appointments which were all very successful!!! Lately Elder Rangwanasha and I have sort of steered away from the classic missionary teaching ways of teaching
lesson 1 and then 2 and then 3 and so on and so forth. Now, when we meet with an investigator, we think of one topic that could really help this family or this person. With this one family that we are teaching, they are having a lot of contention within the family and siblings and they asked us and the bishopric to come and help teach
them and help them get through it. So the bishopric asked us to just handle it and plan a lesson. When we got there on tuesday night, we had a plan of making every person in the room write their name on a paper, then they would pass the paper around the room and everyone has
to write something they love about the name on the paper. After everyone had written their responses, we gathered all them up without the family seeing their own paper. We told them that we are going to type them up and then bring them back. We shared a scripture and then left. The next day we went and typed out the papers and we went back to the family on thursday night and handed out each family member their papers. YO WE HAD THE WHOLE ROOM IN TEARSSSSSS. It was so
powerful. the mother couldn't get it together and she was just saying how much she needed to see all these things that her family loves about her and how much she is appreciated. The baba has been an alcoholic for a couple years and was saying that he can not believe that his family still loves him even after all the pain and suffering
he has caused them to go through. all the way down to the youngest sibling who is like 7, everyone was smiling or crying and you could really feel the spirit in the room. Love is the strongest tool given to us. If we choose to love others as Christ loves us, and we don't look at the bad things in other people, we really can become so much happier and closer to one another!!

this week we had exchanges with the zone leaders and yet again, I had to go to Umbhedula, at first I was a little bit bummed cause that is now three transfers in a row where I had to go to Umbhedula on exchanges. But friday morning they called us and told us who was going where and I found out that I would be going to Umbhedula with Elder Brunt! He is a Samoan born and raised in Austrailia and he is by far the funnest and craziest missionary I have ever met. He picked me up on friday night and immediately he said, "we are going to have a lot of fun for the next 24 hours" and I instantly changed my attitude and was very excited for the exchange. That night we visited a family and taught a powerful lesson about the holy ghost. Then we went back to the boarding and were up till like 12 or 1230 having a deep conversation with each other it was awesome. The next day was crazy!
We were able to get permission to take the car all day and we picked up three young men and we spent the entire morning and afternoon driving around their area visiting people and investigators handing out Light the World pamphlets! Elder Brunt was just playing all of his
island music and it was exactly what I needed to do to lift my spirits a little bit!

sad news. We were supposed to baptized Ntando yesterday and he has already been waiting for about a month and half to be baptized. We get to church yesterday all ready to go, we get there early to clean the
font and set up and everything is going to plan. Ntando and Gogo Mbele are just so happy, Ntandos friends are there to watch, and right after Sacrament, the Bishop approaches us and says, "elders, I have a personal problem" uh okay. and then he says "I wont be able to make it to the baptism today we have other important business to handle after church." Ntando and Gogo Mbele were devastated and so was I. I was tempted to say, "sorry bishop, we are having a baptism today." but i
bit my tongue and let it happen. Next week is the week!!

I love you guys and miss you like crazy. Mission life is NOT easy. Please Please Please pray for all of us missionaries!

Kia Kaha
Keep on Keeping on!!!!

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