November 18, 2019


MTC, Johannesburg, South Africa


Elder Rangwanasha

Who else can say they left their appendix in South Africa!

"what? its mine!"

yeah so this week was pretty sick if you hadn't heard yet,
on monday my stomach was still hurting, it had been hurting for the previous two weeks but i just thought i had the flu or food poisoning or something like that. So i called the senior couple for our zone, the Howells, who are just the best people ever. Anyways, i told them and mom (Sis. Lines, the mission president's wife) that my stomach was still hurting so they took me to the doctor. They ran tests, did CT scans, blood work and didn't find anything wrong. They sent me home with some pain medicine to see if that would with the pain, but nope!
The next day when i woke up, my stomach was realllly in pain, on my lower side. They hurried and took me to the
doctor who took me right in and was asking me questions and pressing on my stomach and the whole time i was just biting my lip holding in all my swear words cause it hurt so bad. Then he would say "does this hurt"? and he would press so hard on my side and i was in so much pain. After that he said that he wants me to get surgery in the next hour, so he called a bunch of surgeons in the area and NONE of them were available, so that was stressing me out a lot. He finally ended up finding one of the surgeons who he really likes and he sent me straight over there. After getting to the hospital, we met with the doctor and he said that i needed an operation and was trying to get me admitted to the ward but the hospital and the insurance stuff was just taking so long so we decided that if i was still in pain the next day that we would come back and go from there. So we go home again, with a bunch of medicine and drugs and i just layed there all day in pain with nothing to do, and honestly that night was the worst night of my mission so far. the only time that i slept that night was from 1:30 am to about 2:15 am. The rest of the time i was just staring at my wall and ceiling. I even got up at 4:30 and just read my book of mormon. I was in so much pain that i couldn't even sleep or move. right at 6 oclock i grabbed the phone
and called the Howells and said "yo i am dying can we go to the hospital right now?" and elder howell raced up to mpumalanga (which is a 45 minute drive each way) and
grabbed us and took us straight to the hospital. poor elder rangwanasha just had to come along for the ride, and he gets car sick easily so i felt terrible. after we got to the doctor he said "okay yeah lets get him into the OR". After another HOUR AND A HALF of dealing with the hospital and the insurance i was finally admitted and in a bed, in my hospital gown, waiting for another 4 hours till my operation. next thing i know i am being wheeled to the operating room and getting drugs pumped into me. next thing i know i am waking up in my hospital room all drugged up. apparently i was asking for a book of mormon to go place in the hospital, and i was asking for some steak from ruths chris, and then i was asking to see my appendix and Elder Howell said, 'they threw it away" and i got so sad and said "WHAT? but its MINE!" after that i was just all drugged up and tired. After the
surgery and a couple days of doing nothing, i was able to go back to our boarding and do a little bit more of nothing. slowly but surely i am getting back on my feet.


today, like a couple hours ago Brother Lepeana offered to take us to a Lion park to see some wild Lions and Elephants! Even tho i am still in so much pain and dying, I wasn't missing this chance. So at 7:30 this morning he picked us up and we drove to this lion park and MAN it was so so cool. We get to the part where the Elephants are supposed to be and there are none, all of a sudden this guy comes out of the bushes and says in zulu, "wanna see the elephants?" so we said yeah and he responds "okay I will go fetch them". WHAT? this guys is just gonna go and get his pet elephant. Next thing we know he comes walking back with an elephant like he is taking a dog for a walk. Coolest thing I have ever seen. And the Lions were so big and so close, they alllll started roaring all at one time by the car and it was so loud that it
was like rattling the car. Crazy stuff.!!!

not too much happened this week but just want to end by saying thank you to everyone who was praying and thinking about me during my surgery. It means so much to me to know that I have you guys behind my back. Keep hoping and praying that this solves the problem!

I know this gospel is true, I know that Heavenly Father watches over us and protects us, even when we may not recognize the danger. His hand and His love is always there for us, we just have to seek for it. I have seen it in my life, especially this past week. He is always there for us, He will never turn his back on us. I know that through
this gospel, we can achieve eternal happiness. I know that families are ordained of God, without them, happiness and joy would not be possible. Without families, this gospel would not be true. Hold on to and cherish the time that we have with our families. Love them and appreciate them. Although they can be weird at times, we were put with our families for a reason. We are meant to be together on this earth and in the life to come. I love you guys so much, keep on keeping on.

Elder Beckman


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