November 11, 2019


Mpumalanga South Africa


Elder Rangwanasha

keep on keeping on

Whats up guys its me elder beckman!!!

Well this week was great, but it also sucked at the very same time!!

to start off, we had transfers this past saturday night and Elder Rangwanasha and I are staying together in Mpumalanga again for another transfer! Best news ever!!
this is the first time that Elder Rangwansha said he has
seen a trainer and his boy stay together for longer than two transfers. So lets go. Pretty pumped about that.

The last couple weeks I have been having stomach problems and I thought that I just had food poisoning from eating raw meat. But after two weeks of "food poisoning" i was still dyinggggg. I called mom(sister lines, aka mission mom) and she said that she was going to get elder howell, one of the senior missionaries, to take me to the doctor to get looked at. yo the doctors here are cash, they take you in right when you get there, no waiting time or anything. we were in and out of the doctors office in 25 minutes. idk why im telling you that but it was cool. anyways, the doc told me that I have a parasite or a worm in my stomach and that he is going to treat it with some medicine and if the pain doesn't get any better than he is going to test for appendicitis. And the pain hasn't really gone away so mom is deciding what to do as we speak. anyways please pray that i don't have an appendicitis.

monday, tuesday, and wednesday, before i went to the doctor were pretty rough just because i was walking all over the place with such bad stomach pain, we actually ended up going home early or not leaving our boarding cause i was in such bad pain. but the appointments that I
was able to go to were so powerful!! We taught Khosi on wednesday and thursday night and on wednesday night we taught her the first part of the plan of salvation, only the first part cause she asks a MILLIONNNN questions. Then on Thursday night we finished the plan of salvation
with her and at the very end i just had a big prompting to put her on Bdate, so we read 2 Nephi 31 where it talks about bastism being the only way to be saved in this life, and right after i just challenged, her to be baptized and she accepted!! She is getting baptized!! We dont know when becauuse they are still fixing our church font so we
should be having three or four baptism's once they fix the font!! So AWESOME!!! I think that a couple weeks back I told you about this man that we have started teaching where he was super drunk and his family left him and now they are moving back in with him and he is wanting the lessons, and to stop drinking and all of that, well yeah we taught them again on Saturday night and man it was powerful. We got there, and at the time we hadn't gotten our transfer news, but right before we started teaching
we got our transfer news that we were staying together, and we were pumped, and then we started. Anyways, we hadn't seen the family in over a week and we were catching up with them, and then baba told us that he and ma had gotten into an argument over the week and he beat her and the children were there as well. Ma had a big bump on her forehead that she was covering up while baba was telling the story. Anyways, elder rangwanasha and I had a member of the bishopric with us and we asked if it would be okay to dedicate the home. I had never done that before but I was able to dedicate a house so that was pretty cool. But after we did that, bro. epeana asked if we could give everyone of the family members a blessing. there is 18 people staying in the house. Elder Rangwanasha and I gave 18 straight blessing and it was so incredibly spiritual. From the oldest child all the way down to the youngest grandchild. It is so incredible to see that this family is wanting to and willing to help their father even tho he isn't progressing as much as we hope. We will keep working on him and helping him all that we can. Say your prayers for this family!

One last story, we were able to meet with Sister Yanele this week, who is a member but she stay's clear out in Shongweni, which is like three and a half taxi rides from where we stay. They have to take two taxi's to get to church and leave there house by 6 am to get to 9 oclock
church. (talk about dedication to the gospel) After taking so many taxis and walking all over in the cold and rain and fog, we were able to find this house in the hills. Literally we were walking through the hills not even on a path or anything, just through the hills to find this house. So humbling. I wanted to take pictures but this definitley wasn't a place to whip out a camera and start snapping pics haha. But when we got there, she was already preparing food for us. They had no running water so all the water has to be hauled in by buckets. She made tea for us and cakes and then made us a meal. We played some cards with them cause we were their only visitors that whole week. Then we shared a message and left.

My last message and testimony to you back home is to COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS. On sunday, I sang the song count your blessings like 6 or 7 times. twice at church, and then a couple other times throughout the day at appointments. It is beyond true how blessed we truly are.
Every time your eyes open in the morning, be thankful cause you never know when the last time will be for you to open your eyes. When you are at home sitting on your couch watching basketball, remember that people on the other side of the world from you are walking and carrying their groceries home a couple miles in the rain, skipping meals to feed their children, and sitting on the cement floor of their house playing with a ball made of plastic bags found on the street. COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS!!!

I love you guys so much back home, you have no idea the impact that your emails, prayers, and letters have on me and us missionaries in the field. It always makes me so happy to hear how everyone is doing back home! I need you all to stay safe and smart. Keep your heads up. Keep your noses clean. Get some good sleep. Study your scriptures. Say your prayers. And keep on keeping on!!!. Also, if you're reading this, get on your friggin knees right now and be thankful for everything that you have.

ps. Elder Rangwanasha and I just counted, we gave a total of 56 blessings this week. AMAZING!!!!

Remember Him.

Shaka mlungus,


my cut finger from opening a box of cereal
my new and best friend "champ"
me stretching
cold foggy mornings here
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