November 4, 2019


Mpumalanga South Africa


Elder Rangwanasha

Earthquakes, World Cup, and more!

This week was packed!!! earthquakes! world cup! and chiefs!

explain in a minute!

on thursday we were at our weekly book or mormon study class with sister mathe, who always feeds us after the class so thats been my favoirte standing appointment since i have gotten here!! anyways, we get to her house and we sit down and start getting ready to read, and catching up on each other to see how everyone is doing. Then right before we are about to start with a prayer, everything just starts shaking like crazy! and it sounded like a truck exploded outside in the distance and we all just stopped and looked at each other and we were like "what on earth was that??" and then elder rangwanasha just says, "sorry i think i ate something bad" it was so funny and so scary at the same time!! sister mathe said she didn't even feel anything but a picture literally fell off her wall, she had to have felt it. She is also very old and was maybe zoned out, who knows, but it was pretty scary!!!!

for those of you who do not know, the rugby world cup just ended last saturday and the championship game was between South Africa and England! South Africa has won the rugby world cup before in like 2004 but they really wanted to beat England. On Saturday, everyone was watching the game, getting drunk, and then getting even more drunk (they love to drink here)! WE WON!! the South Africa Springboks won the world cup!! everyone was blowing air horns, trumpets, and screaming all day while we were just doing service all day. I was on an exchange with our zone leader Elder Reay while the game was going on, so we were washing their landlords windows, (with newspaper, i have never done that before) and i would just wash the windows so slowly so that i could look through the window at the game hahaha! It was fun!

also, this week, the very biggest soccer match took place, it is also the big tournament so the game was even more important!! it was between Kazier Chiefs and the Orlando Pirates, kinda like BYU vs Utah back home except here its actually a close game instead of a blowout every time they play hahahaha, and the Chiefs won!! we were in pinetown that night for stake conference and the fan bus stopped at the grocery store that we were at and all the fans got out of the bus and stormed the grocery store, screaming shouting, air horns, trumpets, big signs, just a rave in the middle of a grocery store about how the Chiefs won!! big week for South African sports!

on the more spiritual side, we had stake conference this week and it was so powerful!! president lines spoke about an experience he had on his mission which i will summarize kind of for you! while he was serving in Detroit he and his companion were knocking doors and they came across this scary looking house, when his companion said "we should skip this one" and president lines walked around the side of the house to see this guy with crazy long hair, scary looking, with tons of tattoos covering his whole body, working on a motorcycle. President lines loves motorcycles! so president walked over there and this man said "I don't care what you are preaching or selling, I am not interested, go away, and never come back." and president lines replies back to him by naming the exact make and model of the motorcycle that this man was working on. The bike that he was fixing
was one of 160 that were ever made and sold. President pulled a picture out of his pocket of him sitting on that same model of bike and then offered to help the man fix his bike. In return the man said he would listen to the message of the Restored gospel! After two and a half hours of fixing the bike, they shared there message and this man said to president and his companion, "I let you fix my bike, I listened to your message. thank you for your help, now never come back again." President was devastated. Until President returned home from his mission and he received a call from his own mission president at the time, his mission president asked if he remembered this man who they found. The guy was being baptized and asked president lines to come back and to baptize him!! how crazy!! what we learned from this talk is that we should never look on the outside appearance of someone. Too many times we get scared or intimidated by the look of someone when in reality, they have a better heart than all of us. my challenge to all
of you is to change the way that you look at not only the people you walk by, but the world in general. there is so much sick and twisted stuff going on in this world, especially in Mpumalanga South Africa, but when you change your perspective, there is so much good and happiness in this world!

Just an update on Khosi, the lady with the 3 little kids who live right by us, she and her kids are on track to all be baptized so please keep them in your prayers!!

The Durban temple dedication is in January so i will keep you updated on if we will get to be a part of that or not. It will depend on where i will be serving at the time. Transfers are this saturday and i am truly hoping to stay where i am with elder rangwanashaw, but we will see.

love an miss you all! keep smiling and have an awesome week.

Elder Becks!

here's a couple quick pictures!

- sunset behind the JW's

- the moon

-studying with the companion:)

-This is how people that own their own catering businesses travel on the freeway. stack chairs as high as they can, not even tied down.

- Going on splits

- chilling at the apartment


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