October 14, 2019


Mpumalanga South Africa


Elder Rangwanasha

ngina nobufakazi

sanbona mlungus! (aka Hello White People)

this week was so good!! full of service and many interesting appointments!! on monday night at our family home evening, we were having a lesson about missionary work and what we can be doing now to be missionaries. the lesson was going great and elder rangwanasha and I were just bouncing off of each other so smoothly and then we asked a question to the mother of the two girls, (who were being robbed that one time and we saved them) we asked her how missionary work, and her daughters becoming members, has changed her life. then she just broke down and started sobbing and said "i have never been more grateful for missionaries in my entire life. you two elders saved my daughters life and i have never thanked you for it until now" and she just got so happy and was so grateful for us! it really changed me and my perspective about the effect that we can have
on people's lives by doing the small and simple things in our lives! don't ever let your ego get ahead of you and always make sure to be thinking about others and serving them in the small and simple ways and it will have a major and lasting effect on them and
more importantly on you!!

Another awesome experience that we had this week was yesterday on Sunday! I told you all about the lady in our apartment complex who we met and how we invited her to church! Well, we told her all about the time and place and how we will meet her there. Well Sunday morning comes around and we went to go and pick up two investigators who we were bringing to church with us and we got to the chapel and Khosi, the lady in our complex, wasn't there yet. So we called her and asked her if she was coming and she didn't answer so we went inside and got seated for conference. About like 30 minutes into conference, SHE WALKS IN! It was so cool to see her walk in by herself with her three little kids, they all ran over to us and sat down by us, such a happy moment!! She said that she felt so calm and so happy in the chapel and that she loves the motab choir so we are gonna try to get her a flashdrive full of the motab music!! we are also having a FHE with her and her children on Wednesday!!

funny stuff: we were tracting all day on Tuesday and we ended up finding these two girls painting there house so we offered to paint the rest of the house for them. we ran home and changed into p-day clothes and then came back to finish the house. also everyone here paints there house yellow, its so cool! anyways, after we finished the house and they had asked me a million questions about being white, one of the girls children came out of the house, looked right at me, stopped, and then just started bawling so hard. turns out he is absolutely horrified of white people. so every time we see them, they bring him out and he looks at me and just starts crying hahaha its so funny.

camera still isn't working so here are a couple pictures from a members phone.
#1- "Driveway" we made for this gogo
rest of them- you get the idea

also, if you wanna hear the music that they blast through the whole country listen to this song
"ang'zanga ngedwa by dj tpz and mr chozen"

-"Elda Becky"


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