September 29, 2019


Mpumalanga South Africa


Elder Rangwanasha

Some pictures for you

Hi Becky,
We spent most of the day with Elder Beckman and Elder Rangwanasha moving them into a new boarding. Their house was broken into and robbed again last week. That is two times in one month. President Lines asked us to find them a different boarding.
Some of the people in their ward found a nice place for them and so Elder Howell and I went and checked it out. It is brand new and in a small apartment complex. It is much safer and on the second floor so no one can break the window to get in. There is
a guard and a security gate. The only drawback is that it is quite small, but the Elder's said they thought it would be fine. So they have to have bunk beds, but they were fine with that. It was a miracle that we found one so quickly!!
So Elders Beckman and Rangwanasha and four other missionaries, plus six senior missionaries helped them move out of the old boarding and into a new one today. I'm sure your son will tell you all about it on Monday, but I wanted to send you a few
pictures that I took of him.
Whenever we look at places for the missionaries to stay, I think to myself, "Would I want my grandsons to live here?" I would definitely feel good about my grandsons living in this new boarding. It's a lot closer to the church, as well.

Have a nice weekend!
Sister Howell

1. Elders standing by window that the robbers broke twice to get into their house.
2. Elders standing by bunk beds in new apartment.
3. Elder Beckman in his new apartment.
4. Some of the neighbor children watching Elders Bateman and Ockey defrost the freezer.


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