September 16, 2019


Mpumalanga South Africa


Elder Rangwanasha

out running a cow

whats up!

So this week was super interesting and super busy! You are all probably interested in the subject of this email so I will just start with that story!

On friday, we had a bunch of appointments throughout the day and at about 3 o'clock we had to walk across town to get to this kids house who was taking us to some guy that he knows who is interested in learning
about the gospel! To get to his house from where we were at we had to walk past the chapel and through this field on a dirt path called "5 Rand Road", idk why its called that but that's what its called. Anyways, we get to the top of the path that goes past the chapel and then goes through the field to Sphes house, and as we are walking down, there are just cows and bulls and goats everywhere like there always is, so we didn't think much of it. As we are getting closer to the chapel we are approaching some more cows and bulls and my companion says under his breath, "i have a bad feeling about this cow". And i didn't really hear anything else so i kind of just kept walking and as we were walking, there was a big black cow on the left side of the dirt path and there was a baby calf on the right side of the path, and
we walk right down the path. Walking between a baby calf and its mother is one of the worst things to do. At this point the cow starts turning its head and its whole body towards us and starting running, and Elder Rangwanasha is GONE, he just took off and it became a
footrace with the cow. But here's where it gets interesting, I started out running elder rangwanasha, and the baby calf was in front of me. So the cow was chasing my companion, my companion was chasing me, and i was still technically chasing the calf so the cow just kept going after me. As we ran down the dirt road towards the chapel we had people yelling at us what to do and where to run and everyone was just panicking hahaha. Anyways, the cow runs past elder rangwanasha and is still chasing me cause it thinks i am running after its baby, then elder rangwanasha opens the gate to the chapel and i circle around and jump into the gate right before he closes the gate saving our lives. It was by far the fastest i have ever ran in my life. The cow ended up
walking away with its baby and we ended up teaching two more discussions that day. Successful day.!!!!

Blessings we received this week: We had no food from Friday until this morning when we went grocery shopping. Anyways, our ward had a missionary come home and they throw a big party for homecoming and
cook for the entire ward and we were invited to go. Anyways after the party was over and we were done cleaning up it was about 4 oclock so we were just gonna head back home to our house with no food in it and
this lady that helped cook all the food stopped us and gave us a bag with some of the left over food in it and it was about 3 meals worth of food and she said "here ya go, here's breakfast lunch and dinner for tomorrow". The lord works in mysterious ways.:)

I don't have a super spiritual thought for this week but i do have a challenge for all of you this week. STUDY THE ATONEMENT!!! And learn about it. We learned about the atonement in Zone Conference and man it is super important for everyone to understand the atonement and what Christ actually had to go through to save us from this mortal life.
I only have a couple pictures to send but i will try my best to take more pictures this coming week. I love you guys like crazy and I miss you even more! Keep smiling and have an awesome day!

-Elder Beckman


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