September 9, 2019


Mpumalanga South Africa


Elder Rangwanasha

baptism #1

baptism #1


Alright so this week was so rad, full of lots of adventures, drunk and high people, and building gods kingdom on the earth!!

so yesterday (sunday) was Sipho's baptism, the guy that i challenged to be baptized on my first day here. so our morning was going as usual, studying, falling asleep while praying, and eating breakfast. after my morning ritual and all that, i went to go hop in the shower and right as i get into the shower, i hear our phone start ringing and
Elder Rangwanasha picks it up and i couldn't hear what he was talking about or anything but right as he hung up he came to the bathroom door and started yelling, "elder buhman (he cant pronounce beckman) elder buhman elder buhman!!! can you baptize Sipho?? Kuda (the guy who was originally going to baptize him) bailed!" and i was so confused cause it was still early in the morning and i am just standing there in the shower. anyways i got out of the shower and was asking what was happening with the baptism, he explained the situation, so i ended up saying yes that i will baptize him!! Elder Rangwanasha has this weird thing about baptizing people idk why but he didn't wanna do it so i did it. So yeah! i found out I was baptizing Sipho about 2 hours before i baptized him!! it was so cool and such an awesome experience to watch Sipho go through the lessons and understand everything and then decide that he wants to be baptized!! he was also super nervous so when he went under the water, he like threw himself backwards and made this huge splash, and he didn't plug his nose so water went into his brain. ALSO, the church's water heater was broken so that meant that the water was ICE COLD, and walking into the font was the worst experience in the world, if you are a male you will understand:)! Sipho didn't care that the water was cold because he was just so excited. I don't have any pictures on my camera because i forgot them but one of the members has it on his phone and he is going to email it me when he gets a minute so i will send those home next week!!

this week on friday was so busy, we were all over the place and late to so many appointments, but our very last appointment was with Nomvula and her family and they were wanting to feed us and man, these people know how to cook!! there's not a chance that i will come home
without gaining weight. anyways we got to their house at like 5:30 and started to help cook dinner, anyways, we cooked for like 2 HOURS, meats, salads, magwinya, and all this food. after about an hour of cooking, the power went out because ZA is low on energy and they have to conserve energy by doing this thing called low shedding.
anyways, the rule is that no matter what, we have to be in by 9 PM, and if we are staying out past 5:45 we have to have a ride home from members. anyways it was getting close to 9 and we still hadn't eaten yet, so i was starting to get frustrated because my mouth had been watering for this food we had been cooking for the last couple of hours in the dark and i was most likely not going to be able to eat it cause we would have to leave. Anyways we didn't end up getting to stay and eat the food and i was so angry right until we were about to leave, and then
Nomvula came out with these two huge "to go boxes" full of meats, salad, magwinya, and beans. that made my day. i was so happy to eat all that food. best food ever.

spiritual thought for the week: Alma 48: 17; "Yea, verily, verily I say unto you, if all men had been, and were, and ever would be, like unto Moroni, behold, the very powers of hell would have been shaken forever; yea, the devil would never have power over the hearts of the children of men." however that's not all. the important part is that
when you read this scripture, that you replace the name "Moroni" with your own name, or in my case i replaced it with "elder beckman".anyways, when you read it with your own name in it, it teaches us to be more Christlike, to follow the ways of Christ, to have the attributes to be a leader, to stand alone as a disciple of Christ, and to scare the hell out of the devil. Also, if any of you wanna read a cool battle story read Alma 44, if they ever make the book of alma into a movie someone is going to be a very rich man. Moroni is such a crazy guy. lastly, just a funny quote that i heard this week: "When Satan goes to sleep, he checks under his bed and in his closet for Jeffery

R. Holland."

just to fill you in on the ward here, there are no deacon, teachers or priests quorum, all of the priesthood just attend the Elders quorum with the men. Also, Elders quorum is so nice, there is such good input (from the little english that they speak), that I learn from. The members are awesome, always so happy and excited
to see one another. Sundays are so incredibly important here and they have helped me gain a better testimony for the sabbath day and for taking time to be with the ward members and family. After sacrament meeting back home everyone usually was so quick to leave church to head home, but here in Mpumalanga, families stay after church for like 2 hours just sitting and talking with one another, its so nice to see. Plus, staying after church fills up most of our day on sundays.
The Bishop, Bishop Molefe, is 27 years old I think and he has two little kids. One that is probably like 3 and a brand new baby girl. He works in Durban and has to leave for work at 5am everyday to make it to work on time, and then he gets back from work at like 5:30pm every night so it has been difficult for us to meet with him. He has had to bail on us two times already just because he is so busy. Their home is the size of our garage and they have no furniture in their home other
than two wooden benches and a couple of chairs. They have to get water from the community faucet and then haul it back to their home, so when we go there we usually help his wife bring water back to her home. Oh, also, the youth here are usually the only
members in their families which makes the gospel mean so much more to them.

I love you guys and miss you all like crazy! be grateful for all that you have!! keep me in your prayers and be safe!!!

I figured out how to send pictures so I am going to just send a bunch

of random pictures from the last couple weeks

-Elder B

me in my apartment
some great candy
looking out of our house
a picture on my way to do exchanges
broken rebar and windows from the robbery


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