September 3, 2019


Mpumalanga South Africa


Elder Rangwanasha

sleeping through a robbery

whats up mulungu's

yeah so this week was quite intense and crazy hahaha

so, last week, on Monday night after P-day was over, my companion and I went home and we started to wind down, I made dinner for the both of us, and we were just lounging listening to a conference talk. After we did our nightly studying and prayers and all that, we went to bed
around like 9ish. And we were OUT COLD. that p-day was so exhausting and tiring that we just collapsed and didn't wake up the whole night until the next morning. So the next morning we get up at the crack of dawn, I roll out of bed and say my morning prayer and start my studying and exercising. my companion was getting into the shower when i hear him say, "what the heck?" and he comes walking back into the room and says, "Beckman, come look at this". so i go in there and our window in the bathroom was just completely shattered. Keep in mind
that we have big rebar cage thing on the inside of our window seals so that there is some more "security" and "protection". so the cage was still in tact but our shampoos and soaps that were in that window seal, were outside by the broken glass so we were so confused. So we called Elder Howell (he is in charge of the housing) and we told him what happened and he asked us if anything was missing and without checking to see if anything was missing, we said no. so about 20 minutes go by and we are just getting ready for the day and my
companion notices that the window in our front room is shattered as well and the rebar cage is completely broken out of the wall and the window has been opened. so at this point i was just thinking, "we literally slept through all of this". Now i started to get a little bit worried about what happened so we start checking all over the
place and we noticed that Elder Rangwanasha's DVD player, speaker, 200 rand from his wallet, his camera, his flash drive, and our laundry soap(idk why they took laundry soap) was missing. So we call elder Howell back again and we were like "hey uhhh, this is a little bit more serious than we thought haha" and we told him all that was missing and how there was more damage to the house than we thought. After many phone calls, we got it all resolved and the windows and cages are all fixed now so all is well. Now here's where it gets a little bit more interesting. our crackhead neighbors, who are awake and outside every night till like 3 am said that they saw the people trying to break into our house at like 1 AM and they chased them off. And then after they chased them off they were screaming at us from the other side of the fence and throwing stuff at our room window to wake us up. Detective Elder Rangwanasha thinks that the burglars broke our bathroom window and then smoked us out with some sleeping gas and then proceeded to break in through the front window. but yeah, this week i slept through a full robbery.

everyone here is drunk all the time so that is frustrating with trying to find people. The bishop wants us to focus on reactivating less active members but we are receiving little to no help from the ward members with showing us where less active members live so that has been very difficult. Also, i have no idea why this mission is English speaking because every time i try to stop someone on the street and i start talking to them, they just stare at me like they have never seen a white person before, hahaha, and then elder Rangwanasha just laughs and starts speaking zulu to them and i end up just listening without having any idea whats going on. I have sat through two sacrament meetings where i didn't understand one
word, about 15 lessons where i have no idea what we were teaching, and i have had like 20 of those experiences with street contacts this week. But ya, missionary life is great!!!

funny story from this week other than us getting robbed: on Saturday night we were leaving an appointment at like 5:30, which is way too late cause the sun is setting by then and all the drunk people come out, and on our pathway home is this truck stop where there was a party thing going on and there was a bunch of drunk guys with zulu shields and spears standing on the corner of this street and they all saw me and yelled "yoooooo mulunguuuuuu!!! come take a picture with us!!!" and the people here when they are drunk are so much more friendly and funny so i have a picture with me and a bunch of drunk zulu warriors hahaha.

Sad story: since my companions camera got stolen haha i cant send pictures because i had to use his cord to send pictures, i will send pictures as soon as i figure out how send them.

Spiritual thought: all of Alma 13, go read it and learn for yourself!!!

i love you guys and miss you like crazy, keep me in your thoughts and prayers cause this place is crazy hahahaha

keep smiling and have an awesome day

-Elder B


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