August 19, 2019

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Becky Beckman

Week 2

whats up

this week was so fun and funny, i wanna start off by telling the funny story and then ill share something spiritual idk we'll see

so in south africa, it is more crude and mean to say the words "crap" and "pissed off", than it is to say, "damn it" and "hell". yes the words "damn it" and "hell" are just completely normal words here and arent swear words, so being the 18 and 19 year old that we are we have been saying those words all week. anyways, in our class we were looking at how nephi made some mistakes in writing in first and second nephi, and one of these kids in my class said something like, "nephi probably messed up writing on the golden plates and had to ask lehi for some help, and lehi probably came down and said "damn it nephi what the hell'" and we were in a class with the entire MTC and the whole room was laughing so hard except for the teachers because those words are completely normal and acceptable here, ahahaha you probably had to be there for it to be funny but anyways it was pretty "damn" funny:) and just randomly you will hear some elders down the hall or in your class drop something and they will just say "damn it", and its
just so funny to hear especially being in the MTC. FYI our president said its totally okay so if you are getting butt hurt from this story, dont.

I leave for durban on wednesday next week at 4 am so the next time i talk to you guys i will be in durban!! also i have started to learn some zulu but its pretty hard, especially understand the clicks and the vowels.

Our classes this week were so fun and so spiritual, I cannot decide what to share. One cool thing that happened this week was that my companion and i got o go out and actually place a book of mormon to an uber driver!! My companion sucks at talking to people so i have to do the whole basically which is good practice for me. anyways our teacher, brother Zitumani came in and said "elders, i need you and elder willard to go and teach my uber driver really quick! he is outside waiting for you" so we went outside and found this guy and he was just so happy just like the rest of the people in south africa. he got out of his car and talked to us for a little bit and we gave him a book of mormon and a restoration pamphlet!! he seemeed super stoked to learn more, he said that he always has way too much time on his hands and that he needs to do something with his time other than drive, so we invited him to read the book of mormon and pamphlet, and then to come to church on sunday!! he said that he is coming so we will see what happens!!

also it was addies birthday on the 14th so you all better have said happy birthday!!

also, congrats madi and chase on getting married without me there even tho you arent married yet i just want to be the first one to say congrats. zach and rach, you guys are next.

love and miss you guys like crazy!!
i hope you all have a hell of a week hahah !:)

-Elder B
picture one is me and elder lutkin and president bester
picture two is of elder huntley and elder benge, (elder huntley cannot stand his companion lol)
and picture three is just to show you how insanely bored i am going and need to get out of this place!


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