August 8, 2019

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Becky Beckman

Week 1ish (sort of sad sort of happy)

What's up mi familia!! this week has been CHALLENGING!! the first couple of days were super long and it felt like we had already been here for a month, but nope, only 7 days have passed by. Super sad to think about that hahaha, my companion Elder
willard is a cool kid from Alpine utah and he is really testing my patience, trying to be positive about it haahaha. He always wakes up on time but then just takes forever to get ready, whereas i get up shower tie my tie and im ready to be out the door by
7:10 ish, and he always makes us late for classes and for breakfast so we always get the cold food. There is a kid in our room who is from Murray and he is so funny, he reminds me of Jack black, this short little stubby kid and he is just always saying the
funniest things, so he really helps me get through these longs days.
everyone is asking what south africa is like but to be completely honest, south africa in my mind is all i have seen inside the MTC walls. so basically south africa right now in my mind is like a prison, its okay tho cause we get 45 MINUTES A DAY TO WORK
OUT. we dont even get an hour how cool is that? i just love the amount of time we get to be outside and moving its awesome.
the food here is super good, we have had bunny chow three times already and i eat two of them every time. Look it up if youve never seen them. I am already learning some words from different languages!! Xhosa and Zulu are very simlar and Malagasy is very
difficult to understand let alone speak. I am not even going to attempt to learn Afrikaans.
(sort of sad part)
I think it was on tuesday of this week we had a big discussion about families and how everything in this gospel can be lead back to families. Lots of times back home we tend to forget how special families are because of how common it is to see a mom and
dad in the same house raising more than one kid. That is not the real world. My teacher, Brother Tshetu (chai-tu) told us about the family setting in south africa. a lot of the families here are breaking, falling apart and just shattered. many kids grow up
not knowing their parents, and the grandparents have to raise 6 to 15 grand kids on their own because the parents were either dead or abandoned them when they were young. many kids have to raise their little siblings from around the age of 15, and act as the
parent figure. please please please hug and love your families, your parents, and other people as your own family because we really are family. we all are brothers and sisters and nothing will ever be more important than that. go hug and kiss your parents
and kids for all of us elders and sisters who are out here and cannot do the same. every single night is devestating for me. knowing that there are families out there that need the gospel but they dont know what to do because they dont know how to find it.
we are very blessed to have families and i miss mine more than anything, but i challenge all of you to go out and help other families and help them know of the gospel. Imagine this, you are at the gates of the celestial kingdom, waiting to enter, and your
neighbor on earth, who you were too nervous to talk to about the gospel, walks past and say's, "brother or sister, whoever, why did you not tell me about this great gospel?? why did you not try harder to help me if you knew this was true?? why??". We are in
the last dispensation and the last days, the gathering of Israel has begun, now that you are on the pathway to salvation, its time to bring others with you.

Alright that was kind of a downer so im gonna leave all of you with some pictures to cheer you up/get your mind off of it!! Love you all so much and thank you for your prayers, they help more than you know.

notice the monkey... if you know you know


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