July 31, 2019


MTC, Johannesburg, South Africa


i'm home!

Day 1 & 2 baby!!!
once i got to my gate at slc i met up with 10 other elders, all from salt lake! we all got to get to know each other and stuff, my favorite companion so far is Elder christensen! he played ball at timpanogas high school hes a cool kid, love the guy already,
gonna be a good missionary, also a kid from lone peak, elder strickland, who didnt play any sports but he was basically a hype man for every sport, super funny kid.
oh man I absolutely hate traveling now, except the flights were really worth while, I placed two book of mormons! One was to some guy who said that he has been looking for some elders the last couple weeks and ironically we run into him while heading to
our missions, cool guy, hope everything works out with him! Another women who was headed to joberg to be with her mom who is going downhill and is on her last leg, we explained to her the three kingdoms of glory and how she will get to see her again, and
then we dove really deep into the Book of Mormon, and i gave her the copy that dad had given me to hand out. She was also way into pottery and ceramics so me and her talked about that for about 2 hours. The 16 hour flight was awful, i hate flying now, my butt
cheeks are ripe, my legs are cramping every 10 seconds, and i feel like im flying through turbulance as we speak! However thank you to the whole Smith family for the snacks, the next pillow, and for helping me with my seats and that it really helped. I also
tried so hard to not watch a movie but i broke and started watching the lion king (if you know you know). I already have so much to tell you!! I will attach pictures on next thursday which is my Pday for the mtc.
When we arrived in joberg, i headed straight to the bath room cause the airplane food was absolute garbage, and this guy in there that was a custodian for the airport was cleaning and i walked in and he goes, "ELDER!! welcome to my office!" and he was
just so happy and excited and he was little cleaning urinals and toilets and the floor for a living, that little experience already shows to me just how happy and loving the people of SA are. I already feel like im home, in fact, I am home!! I will have more
stories and pictures next week when i send an email home! Love you guys see you soon!


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