September 10, 2019


Southgate, Edmonton Canada


Elder AJ Collins

Southgate, Edmonton, Canada 6

Not too much has happened in the past few weeks. We started teaching a lady named Elizabeth and she is super great. We are excited to be working more and more with her! I got to go to the temple and we had a few trainer trainee meetings this week so it was lots of fun!

Elder Joseph Lunt

Everything is going good here. I don't have too much news other than our investigator told us that she wanted to be baptized! Only problem is she doesn't want to tell her husband that she wants to be baptized. It’s interesting because we don't want to do anything in secret and we don’t want to ruin their marriage, but we know baptism will bring her closer to God. It's kind of worrying to us, but we told her to tell her husband
I have been working out at a gym each morning for the last few weeks and I've lost 8 pounds since I've started running on the treadmill. The membership is worth paying for as it has been keeping me very healthy.

Elder Joseph Lunt

Elizabeth is doing much better. She is on date for baptism for October 12th and I should still be in the area by then to have my first baptism!! It’s pretty exciting!! She told us that she is divorcing her husband for plenty of reasons so we have tried our best to stay out of it the best we could. We met with her husband yesterday and that was a pretty big waste of time. He tried to bash with us and we were able to defend everything he brought up so he left pretty upset. The point of him going to the lesson was to tell us why his wife (soon to be ex-wife) shouldn't join our religion. He came with a hard heart and left upset because we had an answer for everything he brought up. It was kind of fun, but I know how much time we wasted meeting with him.
I finally bought a toque (winter hat) this week as it has definitely been colder lately. It has been very rainy and the sun does not shine very much.

Elder Joseph Lunt


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