July 23, 2019


Southgate, Edmonton Canada


Elder Samuel Liddicott

Southgate, Edmonton, Canada 3

It has been a little bit! I'm sorry about that. Today marks the day of my birth. And for my birthday, what I wish for all of you is that you all will do more missionary work today! Go say hi to someone you have not talked to before!
These past few weeks have been great! I've met some amazing people and it's just been the best experience! A few weeks ago we really talked to lots of homeless people! Some of them are so amazing! One was really interested to learn that we weren't a branch off of the Catholic church and another was super interested in the Book of Mormon! He told us he believed that Jesus Christ visited the Americas and then we told him we have a book of scripture about that and he was in shock! It was so cool!
This last week we went tracting in the rain. It was a grind and it was pretty hard to have a good attitude about it. When it rains here it gets pretty cold. Well, we decided to tract out a small little neighborhood and after getting rejected by every single door we finally came to the last door. We knocked and this lady answers the door. We give our intro and then she let's us in! We teach her about the restoration and we told her about how she can pray to know the truth. As I rambled on about prayer she stopped me and said, "I believe everything you guys have told me. Look at all the houses around me, I don't think it's a coincidence that you knocked on my door." Isn't that just amazing!! This lady is awesome! She is a Spanish speaking woman, so we will have to pass her over to the Spanish Elders, but a great experience regardless!
Well, I love you all! I hope you all have a great week I have some pictures for all of you! Go and be missionaries!


Elder Joseph Lunt


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