June 4, 2019


Ellerslie, Edmonton Canada


Elder Justin Parkin

Ellerslie, Edmonton, Alberta 8

Hello Everyone!! It has been a while, eh! Sorry about that! Well I do not remember what I last told everyone, but I'll just try and remember all that has happened these last few weeks. I was able to attend two baptisms in these last few weeks. One was Barbara's. Let me tell you a little about Barbara. She is so awesome! The most solid person anyone in our entire zone has ever met. She was truly converted with the help of Marie Osmond. After a while of Barbara reading Marie's Facebook posts, she was invited to come to church. She told us that once she walked in, it felt like she was home. She then called the missionaries in her area and told them that she wanted to take the lessons. Well, a few weeks later she was baptized. The week when she was baptized, she managed to get a meet and greet ticket for the Donny and Marie Osmond live show in Las Vegas! She was able meet Marie and tell share her conversion story with her. Barbara said they were both in tears (Marie and Barbara that is). She then had Marie sign her Book of Mormon haha!
The second baptism, was Hugo. Hugo is a Spanish speaker who was formerly taught by my companion a while back. Hugo took a 3 month long trip to Mexico and the missionaries all thought that he was basically dropping them. Well, come to find out (3 months later) another set of missionaries felt impressed to knock on his door. When he answered, they were able to have a discussion with him and they found out how much he had been studying. He knew everything that they were teaching and he had the desire to be baptized. It was such a cool baptism. It was all in Spanish, so I had no idea what was going on. Also, I had to conduct the music. I also had no idea how to do that in Spanish. Haha! The feeling there was amazing and it was a really cool experience.
Now, the chaotic part- Our ENTIRE STAKE GOT CHANGED!!! And so did a lot of the missionaries in our area. We got whole new boundaries, lost our entire Bishopric, and lost all of our investigators. It's all good, though. We have more now. There were so many companionships that got split up into different areas. We were one of the only companionships that survived, crazy stuff! The part member family that we have been working with is doing great! We have another family home evening with them on Thursday! She’s super awesome and loves having us come over.
Someone tossed a bocce ball at our windshield and it made quite an impact. So, we got to get our windshield replaced. AND it was basically the apocalypse here on Thursday. We got invaded with smoke. It looked super spooky. There are a lot of fires here in Canada. It's kind of sad. One of the places at risk for the fire is one of the hardest areas for missionaries to serve (maybe they needed some humbling, haha). I hope everything turns out ok for them.
Someone paid for our breakfast yesterday at Denny's. We don't know who. Gotta love those random acts of service.
Well, I hope you all had an amazing week and that you are all healthy and willing to do the work! Hope you continue to do what's right.

Love you all,

Elder Joseph Lunt


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