May 28, 2019


Ellerslie, Edmonton Canada


Elder Justin Parkin

Ellerslie, Edmonton, Alberta 7

So, let me tell you about a miracle that's been going on! I'll start from the beginning.
Part One: A few weeks ago my companion and I had the privilege to go to primary and help one of the members teach a primary class. It was a ton of fun! We had a fun activity with them and all the kids were so funny and cute! There was a little boy and girl who were best friends. They would hold hands when they walked to class! Super cute! Anyways, they were all super sweet and we just had an awesome time.
Part Two: When my companion and I were doing weekly planning I felt inspired to right down all the members that we have not met yet and one by one go stop by there house and meet them. So that's what we did.
Part Three: As we go to the first member on the list, she was outside with her family doing some yard work. So, we first talked to her husband and he directs us to his wife (the member). So, we go and talk to her and I told her about how we haven't met her before and we just wanted to meet everybody in the ward and then she just opened up to us. She told us that she had been inactive for a long time and just recently had started going back to church. Then she told us that this is the first time she has ever talked to missionaries!!! She then asked us how family home evening works and we were able to explain it to her and we asked if we could come next Monday to help out with family home evening! She then asks her husband if that would be ok (he’s not a member). He said yes! He seemed really happy to have us come over. We were able to explain a little to him about what we do as missionaries. Here's why Part One is relevant- her daughter told her mom that we taught her class a few Sundays ago and that she remembered us! Right then we both recognized her and her parents seemed so happy that we were able to help their daughter grow closer to Christ. It was such an amazing experience!!


Elder Joseph Lunt


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