May 7, 2019


Ellerslie, Edmonton Canada


Elder Justin Parkin

Ellerslie, Edmonton, Alberta 6

Well, Canada is wonderful, but it's not Arizona. Haha! When I got here, there was a pretty cold wind, but that was it. Then it started to get warmer and finally, it got to the point where I could go running in the morning and not have to wear a jacket to go knock on doors. One night, the missionaries next door and my companion and I decided that we were all going to go running the next morning. So we all went to bed ready to start running and lose some weight the next day. Well, when we woke up the next morning we looked out the window and........ IT WAS SNOWING!!! I was so surprised! I heard from all the locals that everyone will think that spring is finally here; then it snows again. Well, I don't know why I was so surprised, but I was. To top it off, it was not just one morning that it snowed and then stopped. IT SNOWED LIKE THIS FOR THE ENTIRE WEEK!!! I was so frustrated! I just wanted it to be warm and I got the opposite. I have never seen people shovel snow in the morning then mow there lawn in the afternoon. That's not even a joke! That's what actually happened! I missed Arizona the entire week. A member told us that she just thinks its winter all the time so shes not upset when it snows in the middle of July (its happened before).
Yeah, weird weather, but other than that, it was a pretty awesome week. I got to eat Mexican food two days in a row and I'm starting to perfect my fruit smoothies. My companion got sick a few days ago at a members house so I got to drive home. The speed limit like the entire way back was 60...... kilometers per hour!! Haha! That's like 37 MPH. Speed limits here are pretty dang slow! The highway surrounding the city gets up to 100 km/hour (that's like 62 MPH). I'm so grateful for America.
I made a ton of new friends this week. None of them were interested in joining the church, but they all had some pretty amazing stories of how they knew God was there. My companion and I did the 'guess the age math' for this one lady and she had 4 kids and the youngest is turning 65 this month. We were thinking this lady has to be at least 95. She's awesome though! We talked to another lady who has had an awful life, full of horrible things. She told us her whole life story and I could feel the love Jesus Christ had for her. She then told us that she doesn't trust hardly anyone anymore, but for some reason that she couldn't even explain, she trusted us. She knew somehow that we were good guys and that she could trust us. This is the first time we've ever talked with this lady yet she knew she could trust us. I know that God was involved. Moments like this one testify to me that I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have been called of him to declare his word among his people, that they might have everlasting life (3 nephi 5:13). I did that from memory😎.
I know that this church is true, and that this Gospel can bless every and all lives. God truly loves each and every one of us and he gave us a way back to him. I know that the way back is through this Gospel.

I love you all,

Elder Joseph Lunt


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