April 30, 2019


Ellerslie, Edmonton Canada


Elder Justin Parkin

Ellerslie, Edmonton, Alberta 5

It's been a crazy last few weeks.
To start off I'll just say that my first investigator dropped us this last week, but hey, we planted some seeds. This past Sunday we had three nonmembers come to church and we are meeting up with one of them tomorrow! His name is Amini, he is a referral from...Elder Brazell my MTC companion! Well let me tell you a little about Amini. He is from the Congo and he has three wonderful children. He has only lived in Edmonton for 3 years. His first wife passed away 5 years ago when his youngest was only 6 months old. He was able to get remarried a year ago, but he still has another problem. She is still in Africa and he is trying so hard to get sponsorship for her so they can all be together. Regardless of what has happened and what is still happening, I've never met someone who is more grateful for his life. He is such a happy person and is super friendly. I hope someday we can all reach this level of gratitude.
Oh, I totally forgot to tell you about this. During the Saturday morning session of conference, an older gentleman and his wife came to the stake center to watch conference, but it wasn't exactly broadcasting there so we let them into the clerks office to watch it. After conference, they came and talked to us and he looked at my name-tag and asked if I was related to any Lunts in Virden, New Mexico/Arizona. He then proceeded to tell me that he tunes pianos and he tuned a few pianos in a Lunt's house in Virden a few months ago. I asked a few questions about this Lunt and he said that He takes care of his wife most of the time because she has dementia. He met my Grandpa Lunt! It was so awesome, I told him that that was my Grandpa and it was super cool to have that experience.
Life in the mission is great! It is lots of hard work and worth every second. I'd love to hear from all of you, love and miss you all.

Elder Joseph Lunt


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