April 2, 2019


Ellerslie, Edmonton Canada


Elder Justin Parkin

Ellerslie, Edmonton, Alberta 1

Hello everyone!!
This week has been amazing!! My companion is Elder Parkin! He's so great and uplifting! I'm serving in the Ellerslie ward and we are basically white washing the area! That means we are starting from scratch! They just split an area and made Ellerslie it's own area, so it's been hard work! With starting from scratch, we did not have any dinner appointments, so we made our own dinners for the first couple of nights! It turns out we are master chefs!!! A little about my companion, he's actually a Spanish Elder and this is his first area teaching in English. I'm trying to learn Spanish right now, though. Some things about Canada: the rabbits here are ginormous!! They are all white and about the size of a fat house cat! I've tried Timmies and it was pretty good, but more importantly I've had real poutine!! That stuff is good! Also, they call their smarties, rockets! It's super interesting!!
Anyways, I love it here! It's not too cold right now! It's like Snowflake's normal winters, so the wind is not fun. My mission president is so awesome! President and Sister Pattison are so kind and loving!!
Oh, and if you are curious if Canadians talk weird then this answer may shock you...
Yes, they do!!! Here are some things I've already picked up on:
About=a boat
They say eh every now and then
Bag= beg
Pasta= past.... a(like "past"-tense but pass da)
With that said, I've met some of the kindest people here!! Yesterday, a lady invited us into her house and gave us cookies and just told us her story! She's so awesome! I love the mission and I know the Lord is blessing you all!! I love you all!!

Elder Joseph Lunt


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