March 23, 2023


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Elder Baird

I touched lava and other safety zone moments

Hey frien :)
The past few emails have been really short. Maybe you like that vibe, maybe you're curious to know more about how life has been. If you've been leaning towards the latter, then I got you this least I'll try ^^

Here's an exciting bit of news to start: we were doing service for our member who's house burnt down. We were moving some pipes and he was using a blow torch to cut the pipes into small pieces. As we were moving pipe for over the space of an hour, my mind slipped me as I grabbed the end of the pipe that was just cut by the blow torch a minute ago. Google says that metal needs to be 1800Β°F to be cut, and let's say the air had cooled it well for 1 minute, I'm willing to bet it's still in the quadruple digits. Thankfully I was wearing work gloves to absorb most of the heat, but I instantly knew I burnt the heck out of my hand, I'd never touched something THAT hot. I instantly dropped the pipe, threw my melted glove off, and ran over to where a huge container of water was on their property. I scooped some water in a decent sized bucket where I began to swish my hand in for probably 20 minutes. I prayed so so hard that my hand wouldn't be too injured to prevent me from doing missionary work. I was really nervous that I had at least gotten 2nd degree burns. But, after 20 minutes, my hand felt really good, and I only had a tiny 1st degree burn, which doesn't even hurt today.
This is what I'd like to call a 기적 (kijeok - a miracle).

Last week we had transfer calls, and me and my companion are staying in Namwon!! I feel very honored, because this is my 4th transfer in Namwon. For over the past year, every missionary who served here only did so for a maximum of 3 transfers. I'm the king hehe. My mission experience has been weird. In 2-3 weeks I'll be hitting my 1 year mark in field. By that time I'll have served in only 2 areas and only had 4 companions. For context, that's really not common for a missionary. But everyday is a testament that I'm wear I'm supposed to be, and this is where I want to be!!! I loved this city to bits!! Everything and everyone is precious and adorable πŸ’• I can't wait for cherry blossoms!!

Well my time is up, but 2 more really really amazing things that happened is this!!
1. We had a huge stake fireside led and conducted by us missionaries speaking about doing missionary work in our everyday lives
2. I conducted my first baptismal interview. It was beyond special. I know the priesthood is true. And it was so beautiful to sit down one on one with a beautiful converted soul <3

I love you!! Thanks for chatting, I'll see you next week ^^

Here's a spiritual thought from my companion!! He's super smart and I love what he wrote so he let me send it to you as well ^^

I'll share this spiritual thought from our Family Home Evening we had yesterday with all the missionaries in the zone. We are promised in Matthew 11:28-30 that if we come unto Christ, He will give us rest, but obviously that promise is coupled with the invitation to take His yoke upon us. An idea that was spoken about was the idea of finding rest, not from our labors, but in our labors.

We will always have a burden to carry. That fact will never change. In many cases, we have relatively little choice in what our burden is. The one thing we can control is who we choose to share that burden with. We can keep it to ourselves, or we can share it with the Saviour. If we are not so obstinate in refusing to allow ourselves to be yoked with him, he will give us rest.

We are not being invited to yoke ourselves to Him because He needs us to take a part of His burden; He has already trodden the winepress alone, as it were, though we may be privileged to be His hands in lifting our fellow children of God. Rather, He will be there to take a part of our burden.

- happy friends ^^
- happy blossoms and flowers!!
- Pikachu PokΓ©mon bread sticker
- service project updates
- happy picture of Heavenly Father and Jesus


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