December 1, 2022


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The Week of Subterbulousness

That's not a word but my brain feels like it is. I will share the definition: a state of being subterbulous.

Anyways, hey chingu ^^ thanks for stopping by, let me give you the skinny πŸ‘€

Last week I talked about how we need prayers for our Thanksgiving party. That prayer was answered in a LOT of ways!!
1. Our entire district on Tuesday after district council helped give out fliers for our party all over the city!!
2. A super legendary member last minute said she was bringing 2 rotisserie chickens because we didn't have turkey or anything
3. Even though Elder Wardle and I cooked really bad stuffing and mid mashed potatoes, so many people brought other delicious food
4. We invited a group of 5th graders to our party on our way to the party and they all κ°‘μžκΈ° (suddenly) came!! And having them made it so much more fun and built our relationship more with them (this a group of kids we see and talk with a lot)

Yeah the party was honestly mega stressful. Since it was a missionary sponsored party, we had a to pay for a lot of stuff and make all of the plans. A lot of miracle people helped which we're so grateful for, and our branch ended up having a really good time! It was especially cool because along with those members and 5th graders, a less active recent convert came and 2 teaching friends. It just made me really happy to have a Korean Thanksgiving together with all these happy people <33
So, thank you so much for your prayers πŸ™ ❀️

I got to work on a farm again this weekend. We were helping the same member from 3 weeks ago. It's so pretty out in these country side areas, so peaceful. At the end we had a really iconic and generous lunch, we ate μ‚Όκ²Ήμ‚΄ (sam-gyeop-sal) which is my favorite meat on the PLANET!!! And it's not cheap either. Korea is really cool. I like how you can just have an impromptu picnic on your deck with a grill and everything in the middle of November :))

As I've mentioned before we teach primary (little kid church class), but today was our last lesson because they're moving back to America this week!! I love them so much, they've taught ME so much. The gospel is truly so simple and beautiful, like a child :) we wrote these really fun letters to each of then with a picture of Christ included. I don't know, teaching children makes me think what its like for God to teach us, and being in a position to lead and guide makes me feel closer to my Heavenly Father. Because He wants what's best for me too.
And he wants what's best for you too frien ^^

Ok, I gotta go to bed, but you make me so happy! Seriously though, you're doing so good. Go find the nearest mirror and go wink at yourself for me <3


- exchange where I'm eating Italian food with am awesome friend from Mongolia
- awesome architecture on exchange
- in the kitchen on Thanksgiving
- Thanksgiving
- just a swing
- working on a farm
- the best lunch
- the primary class family


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