November 22, 2022


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Elder Wordell

If you're in the market for something to pray for....

Hey frien!!

Sorry, today was really poor planning on my part, but next week I will do better at making time to send a good email.

This week was really good! I'm still alive. There's been some tough moments scattered in and out. But I'm so grateful for this opportunity to simply be growing and seeing what miracles God can do for others through my willingness to be His instrument. When I fall short, instead of being troubled by my shortcomings, I like to think of this quote by Kevin J. Worthen. "God can make good come … not just from our successes, but also from our failures and the failures of others that cause us pain. God is that good and that powerful.”

Nothing too reviting happened this week. But if you are looking for things to pray for, my companion and I have been working really hard on planning a really fun Thanksgiving party for our Branch. We've asked them to invite their friends, we've invited so many people....please pray that people will attend and enjoy the party.

And I hope you have a good Thanksgiving too!!
It's so fun right :)

- a cheese village
- pretty park
- that sign says Jesus Hospital
- umbrella walk way
- apartment Christmas tree w/ toy train
- pretty sunset view
- I got to go to a national park with some friends, Jirisan national park, so pretty
- yummy food


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