November 3, 2022


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Elder Cambell

Saying Goodbye

These days I've realized that I absolutely love love love speaking to people one-on-one. And so, as I go forward, I want my emails to read not like blogs where there are multiple readers, but just a personal update, as if I were just talking with you normally. So no more 여러분 (everyone) business, it's just me, talking to you, and by the way, your hair cut looks really good.

First off. For 7 months I have served in this wonderful and beautiful place called OnYang, and the people here are my favorite thing in the world (other than you ❤️).
I finally have to leave.
I'm going super far - I'm going to the southern-most part of our mission, called 남원 (NamWon). It's even smaller than OnYang, I'm so excited. I can't wait to see what blessings lie in store. But reasonably, I'm like super emo and sad about leaving. I've lived here for SEVEN MONTHS! That's a long time to do anything! I remember how emo I was when I had to leave after my first semester at college, and that was only THREE months, this is more than double! And my quality of life has been way happier here than back then, ya know??
Oh but it'll be OK, and I'm so grateful for literally the kindest and sweetest people here. If you've been sending prayers for me to be able to feel your love all the way here in Korea, don't worry, these people were the perfect messengers ❤️❤️

Since finding out about my transfer, the past few days have been incredibly meaningful. On Saturday, we had a really fun Halloween party combined with the nearby ward, and I was able to meet a lot of new people. We all had a blast! One of our teaching friends came too and had a good time with us :) Sunday was my last sacrament meeting, they asked me to speak and share my testimony, it was really meaningful to tell them how much I appreciated everything they've done for me, and how I'll always remember their service. Looking back on my past 7 months here when I gave my first testimony, being able to barely speak any Korean, it was amazing to me to see how much better I could speak. I prayed so hard that my feeble words would enter their heats ♡.
On Monday (today), I had a fun BBQ dinner with some members, and then met with our recent covert Kim BoYun's family. The daughters gave me so many gifts, candy, drawings, Polaroids, stickers, Ramen. I love this family so much. Before we left, we talked about how important families are, and we shared a section of The Family: A Proclamation to the World. My heart was abundantly full when we left :))

Ok, the future is bright!! I'm excited :) thanks for cheering me on, it means so much that your reading this and talking with me and listening :)) good luck with everything!! And I'll see ya next week
사랑해요! 💜

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